Do your games take quarters or tokens or game cards?
-Our games all operate on a arcade game card.

Do you have lockers?
-We do have lockers. They can be rented for $2.

What food do you have?
-We have Candy, Chips, and we also carry a variety of beverages including Pepsi Products, Celsius Energy, Slush Puppies, and Bottled Water.

Do you accept credit cards?
-Yes, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Amex

Do you have security?
-Yes, we have an Onondaga County Sheriff on hand during our busy nights and special events.

Why is there a $50 deposit required for birthday parties?
-Our birthday party slots fill fast, and are offered at a first come first serve basis. You may also book your party online. The $50 deposit is only refundable if party is cancelled outside of 3 business days from party.

Laser Tag:

How long is a Laser Tag Session.
-A Standard Session is approximately 15 minutes in length. (10 Minutes of Playing, and a Briefing that lasts 5 minutes)

What is the minimum age in order to play laser tag?
-We require all of our players to be at least 6 years old and must be a minimum of 42 inches tall.

Are Shoes Required?
-Footwear of some sort is required. However, cleats and high heels are not permitted.

How many teams are there?
-Our Standard Missions consists of 2 to 3 teams varying in team color. However, you may experience a free for all format or multiple team format, depending on when you visit. 

How do I know what team I am on?
-During your briefing you will choose the team you would like to be on. The Battlesuits will light up the color of the team they are assigned to.

How many bases are there?
-2 or 3, depending on the game format being played.

Are the lasers harmful to your eyes?
-Yes, as with any laser product prolonged exposure to your eyes should be avoided.

Can you bring food into the arena?
-No, food and drink are not permitted in the arena at any time.

Can I take pictures?
-Video and Still photography is not allowed in the arena at any time.